29 June 2015

Summer 2015 Project 333-First run though.

I LOVE Summer in Minnesota!! It's so beautiful. The birds that come through are beautiful!! My favorite so far are the little yellow finches that eat from my bird feeder every morning. They bring me such joy to watch them hope about and they are my favorite color! Yellow doesn't always look good on me so I don't get to wear it too often. 

I'm working from my Spring Capsule wardrobe and adding or subtracting things as I need for summer. 

dresses- pink sheath, mint lace, blue short, pink vintage, navy button up and pink polka dots (6)

tops-chambray button up, chambray shift, gray tee, mint tee, pink and green plaid,pink and white stripe, white stripes sleeveless, blue linen short sleeve, short sleeve flower tee, blue stripe long sleeve, blue with mint stripe tee, soft kitty tee, Marie Curie tee, navy button up, zombie tee, long sleeve pink tee, pink flowers buttonup, and space reserved for 2 tops to be made. (19)

Longer sleeved shirts above. Yes, I actually do wear them in the summer time. Not as often...but I still do. (Thinking of taking a few more of these out.)

Dressier tops below and my tees above. (Still considering taking out Ariel)


bottoms-fav jeans(will be replaced for fall or when they fall apart), mint shorts, high waited shorts, camping shorts,navy w/white stripe skirt, pink skirt, peach skinnies, Rose skinnies, new pair of shorts to make, and a new skirt to make. Maybe a new pair of khakis.(9, 10 with Khakis)

sweaters/cardigans-navy cardigan (1)

Things I keep to a minimum but don't include in my count:

jackets/coats-pink slicker w/liner. (1)

shoes-Birkenstock Yaras , black malibrans, navy chucks, grey with white dot chucks, and blue fluevog sandals.(5)

accessories- pink clutch/wallet. (1)

I need to get busy with my 4 piece capsule sewing so I can wear them for the summer. I'm going to go through my fabric stash and see if I've got enough fabric to do some of the things I've picked out for this challenge. I might not finish them all before Summer ends, but maybe I can get the shorts and the sleeveless top done at least. The other two pieces could transition into fall quite easily. 

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