23 June 2015

VIFPMCW challenge.

HA! What a mouthful eh? I didn't make up the name,  but I'm excited to do it. Only I need to finish up some other projects still. (whom, whomp) 
My only issue is I'll have to figure out how this will fit into my capsule wardrobe. (If I ever get to it. Sometimes I'll all about ideas and I fall on the follow through. I need help with that.) 

The acronym stands for 'Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe challenge.' You can see it here!

This challenge is a 4 piece vintage-esqe (1950's) wardrobe. It would be a great travel set for a warm location. I suppose you could make a winter version if you wanted to, but I'm probably not going to do that. I might make a long skirt and a blouse that could transition into fall and maybe early winter with me, but might not make it through deep winter. 

Now the fun part! Let's brainstorm what I might make. 

I like these for the shirts.Both of these shirt patterns are from evadress.com. She makes wonderful reproductions of vintage patterns. So, you know they are authentic!  Plus, they are beautiful.

The shirt on the left I have always loved and I've wanted to make it for awhile. The one on the left I like view 1 but I don't think it would work for my body. So, I would go with view 3.

Now for bottoms.
I'm just going to make a circle skirt with buttons on the back like in the picture on the left here. Maybe tea length or thereabouts.

I'd love to make some shorts like the ones that I have and love to death.
Finding a good shorts pattern is sometimes hard to do. 

  I really like the shorts in this pattern set. Because they are high waisted. And since I'm already high waisted they would be on my natural waist. Thus, making me look slimmer. (And who doesn't like that?)
Yet, I really am starting to think about the pants as an option for later. and after looking at this blog post. I'm thinking about making the top as well. So, I could even use this as the whole set and then make another shirt or even one of the ones above. And a skirt.

While looking for a skirt pattern I found this little beauty! The whole thing would be perfect with the above mentioned shorts. If I buy all these patterns I'll be busy for a long time. (Not that I really need more to do yet) I'm still working on a quilt, a 1880's pioneer costume, my viking costume, and some little things I'm not ready to reveal yet. :) 

Well, I think that's all the brain storming I can deal with at the moment. Just thinking about making new clothes and bringing more into the house after I've decluttered my closet so well just makes me want to go toss out some things that aren't in my capsule wardrobe right now. 

Maybe I should go do that...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which pattern would work well for a 4 piece vintage wardrobe. I want to make 2 of them in one fabric and 2 in a coordinating, possibly solid, fabric. So that they can be mixed and matched. I don't know which ones I would do yet so I can't go figuring out fabric that I already have down in my stash. My new mantra is *I will not go to the sewing store* 

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