28 November 2016

Some winter outfits

Winter 2015 

I tried the leggings with a sweater overtop. I didn't feel comfortable in this. I guess I'm not a leggings as pants type of girl. I'm all about wearing them with a skirt or a dress like they are tights or under pants. (So, I won't be wearing this look anymore.)  Second photo is just me in a wool sweater, jeans and my winter coat. I got this big scarf in 2015 and I LOVE it. I can use it like a scarf or wrap it over my head when I go outside. It's a versatile  piece. Then I have my favorite hat, because it matches everything and covers my ears, and a bright red cashmere sweater. I love cashmere. DH bought me this for my birthday a few years back. I get a lot of use out of it now that we are in MN. 


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