11 November 2016

Adaline velvet dress-part 2--pattern selection

Well, the cruise came and went and I didn't get this finished. I didn't even have time to finish start the muslin for it. I am still going to work on this, but zero waste change and getting my garden in this past spring and summer were/are just more of a priority at the moment life got in the way. (I started this as soon as I got back from the cruise, but honestly, I was a little bummed at myself for not having time to do it. We had a great time and then I forgot about it for awhile.)
Sewing and quilting is more of a winter activity for me anyways. 

Now that it is getting colder, I'm really thinking about finishing this up. Also, holiday parties are coming and how awesome would it be to rock this dress at a Christmas or New Year's party? 
Oh yeah, DH better start planning to take me somewhere AWESOME!!

In case you haven't read the first part of this on going series. It's here.

This is part 2 of the making of 'The age of Adeline' Wine Velvet party dress. I posted pictures of the original dress in the previous post, if you need to refer back, I provided a link above. 
This took quite awhile to do and in the end, I already had everything I needed...go figure. *eye roll at self*

I looked through current pattern books at the store and nothing jumped out at me. Blah, I'm hating the new styles coming out right now. Retro all the way! 
So, I dug through my pattern stash and found 2 that I can frankenpattern together to make the dress.

First up is a 1970's era empire waist dress. This is practically perfect. It already has darts in the bottom where I need them, but I think I'm just going to use the puff sleeves and the skirt part on this one. I would have to redraw the entire bodice if I used this whole thing. 
This is a better picture of the one I'm talking about above. Aren't those sleeves perfect?

This pattern top is perfect for this application. I'm really only looking at version 'A/B' here and he gathering at the collar could be very easily changed to a couple darts (who wants to try and gather velvet? Because this dress requires actual velvet, not stretch velvet. 

Here is a closer shot of version 'A.' Do you see what I mean? It will be easy to slash the front to make that low dip and change the gathers to a dart or a tuck even. (It's really hard to tell from the movie and pictures whether it is a tuck or a dart, so I suppose it's up to my own interpretation here.) Since I don't need anything but the top-that's all I'm looking for in the pattern department. 

The same thing goes for the back. There is really only the one picture of the back and it's a long ways away in the shot that you cannot see where the zipper placement is in the dress. I'm thinking it should go in the back over the bum for ease of dressing. Which would put zipper in the back and a hook and eye in the front making this a difficult dress to get on and off really. But, I want it to look seamless once I have it on my body. I think part of the all of the dress is wondering how it's made and how she even got it on. Right? Or is that just me?

Looking at that plunge Im nervous. I dont have an adequite bra for that and I dont think my girls would do in a sewn in bra, but maybe...boob tape?
So I'm looking into that still. I'm willing to take suggestions here too. (hint, hint) 

I will not be able to complete this in the original time frame as I had hoped. I have been working on baby quilts for some people and obviously the cruise is over.  So, I have to put aside my plans for a fancy dress...for now. Once it is completed I can wear it for years. (assuming that I can keep my shape after having children) *crosses fingers*

We are trying to have a baby now, so it might not be the best time for me to be working on a fancy dress anyways. I still wanted to do an update on my thoughts for the dress. I am going to work on it, but don't expect this to be done quickly. I have a few other things on the sewing table that need to be finished up before this really gets underway. 
But, having a solid plan for it makes me feel that much better. 

Have you ever frankenpatterned something like this? What do you think of this massive project? Are you excited to see it finished?  As far as I know nobody else has made one yet (or at least it's not online anyways.) So, I'm really excited to make it perfect and perfectly tailored to my shape. 

Next up for part 3 is the making of the muslin. 

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