14 November 2016

Zero Waste-October

I feel like I've maintained everything really well so this will be the last of these I do an update for ZW.  Which is probably why I didn't think about doing it before now.

We are working through some bottles in the bathroom, but we are not bringing anything new that has trash in it or packaged in trash so I feel I can finish that up by the end of the year. I've also noticed that my hair has gotten healthier and I have no actual need for conditioner. It is available in bulk at the co-op I shop at, but I just use what I have as a monthly conditioning and it has lasted almost 2 years.
I've been taking a lot of things to the thrift store that we don't use or need anymore. It's freeing up space in the house and in my mind. It's really strange how peaceful you can be when you actually give yourself space in your own home.

If you have any questions about this process let me know I'd be happy to answer them for you.

Goal #1-Switch every family member over to using reusable bags

Goal Obtained. 

Goal #2- Stop using the plastic bags in the produce section.

Goal Obtained. 

Goal #3 Stop junk from coming into the house

Will this ever happen? Junk mail is still coming, but less of it and I am not buying as much. DH hardly brings anything in-he never was the problem...

Goal #4 Compost all paper that does come into the house.

Goal Obtained. 

Goal #5 Shop at the Co-op in town for bulk items

Goal Obtained. 

Goal #6 Switch to "ReUsies" instead of plastic storage bags. 

Goal Obtained.

Goal #7 Stop using disposable head razors.

No Change.

Goal #8 Get more serious about composting.

Goal Obtained.

 Goal #9 Switch to using handkerchiefs instead of tissue.

No Change.
I am composting the tissues I am using.
Trying to finish up the boxes that are left in the house. Seriously, we don't even use them that often. We are still on the same box in November that were were on in April.

Goal #10 Stop my trash service.

In July, we got a smaller trash can. We are saving $5 a month. 
In November, we switched trash companies (same service, less cost)

Still not feasible yet.
This may never be feasible for use because I cannot find a drop off recycle place in our area.
But, we are sending less and less to the landfill. :)

Goal #11 Make our own bread from scratch. 

DH's bread!! I'm doing sourdough.

Goal #12 Replace freezer bags with jars.

No change

I am using less bags and I'm considering giving what I have left to a friend.

Goal #13 Compost cat poop in a separate area

Goal Obtained.

Total we sent out 1 bag for recycling and 1 bag for the landfill. We are getting better at this ZW stuff.

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