02 February 2015

Downton abbey quilt retreat Part 1

I went to my first quilt retreat a few weekends ago. Here are some pictures of us working. 
Here's some pictures of what i worked on there. 
We had a 7 course dinner on might where we all dressed up and here is a picture of the whole gang plus some smaller groups. 
Me being silly!

They had a retreat the year brfore and showed their fan fare quilt that they worked on. These ladies have skills! Look how much color can change a pattern!
There we some beautiful quilts shown and i didnt get pictures of all of them. 
Stack and wack. I really want to try to make one of these at a later date. 

Below this is a room off the kitchen. I would have loved to stay in there. I thought about going down there to sleep in that bed because my roommate snored really loudly. I've been told that I snore, but jeez. This room was so cute. 
Me being fancy at the dressing table. It was obviously made for short people because I hit my knees on it getting up and sitting down. All the ladies loved my costume. I didn't have time to plan out much in my opinion, but it was era appropriate. 
I hope to go to another one of these next year. We will see. 

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