10 February 2015

Wardrobe from Summer '14

Some outfits from my summer project333. I know it isn't summer now, but with the cold weather I'm wishing it were here again. I'm dreaming of all the fun I will have outside so I'm doing all my planning now while I'm indoors. I figure that's the way to do it!
I didn't think to take a lot of pictures. These are just ones I got quickly. I didn't do summer very long. It was my first go at this. I think I did a month of it. I didn't even wear everything. I did notice the things that I seem to gravitate towards. For example, I love my raspberry dress. I wore it a lot.  And that Chambray shirt, totally worth the time I spent looking for the right one and it's a workhorse in my wardrobe.

Chambray top, green lace skirt, purple belt and brown cowgirl boots. (Optional Grayson) It was dark by the time I thought to get a picture of myself so the lighting is horrible here. 

Harlequin patterned cardigan-raspberry and gray with my denim jumper and black malibrans.  I think my DH was telling a joke, by the look on my face here. Also, summer in SC and summer in MN are completely different. I need that cardigan in MN in July when it is 60 degrees, and I'm used to it being 90 at least. 

Yeah, I took a selfie one this one. Green top and my favorite pair of jeans, I had on my work shoes too. 

I just noticed that I'm wearing denim in every single picture I took of myself. Huh. Well, with my active lifestyle and the gardening in the summer I need something that will hold up for me. I'm dreaming of more wool things in my winter wardrobe for next year. So cold, so necessary. Still looking for pink wool. LOL.

In looking at my wardrobe from summer I realized I don't have a place to wear my breezy silk outfits as much as I would have liked to and they took up space in my wardrobe that I would have loved to use for more shorts. I really need to be realistic about my activity level matching my clothing. I need more rugged clothing-especially in the summer. Although I'm thinking about keeping my 'gardening clothing' separate. 

Fall doesn't last too long in Central Minnesota. (But, it is beautiful!) I didn't get to take many pictures. But, I will post some of those tomorrow. As of the middle of November, winter has begun. It was snowing and pretty cold outside. I used my fall wardrobe with added sweaters and my winter coat and boots. So fall and winter go mashed together as I tried to figure out how to do it properly. We thank God for a mild winter this year!

Do you ever feel like you don't photograph well? I only like one of these pictures so far of myself. *sigh* 

Figured that I would post a picture of me with my new glasses and new haircut since the summer. And bonus, I actually like this picture of me. I think it helps that I've lost a lot of weight since then too. Hence the need for new clothes. (i.e. if I jump too much my pants fall down!)

What's in your closet?

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