11 February 2015

Wardrobe updates for Autumn/Winter '14

Ok, so I know I've written about having trouble with my fall wardrobe and yes, it does seem harder to do than summer. I'm not sure if that is because I am from the south and am now living in the arctic tundra of Minnesota or if it's just harder. But, I've been noticing more what I'm wearing from my fall capsule wardrobe. (Which I didn't change for winter too much. I added some sweaters and flannel shirts to it.) 
I love color. Having all black and white or tan and brown is never going to work for me. You might remember that I used raspberry, petal pink(blush), mint green, teal, blue, purple and some other pinks a lot. I've also decided that the tan works well with this as does the cognac color of brown. I do not have a lot of either color in my closet though. I have 1 khaki pair of pants and the boots, a linen shirt and a sweater that are brown. 
*Update* I have since abandoned the idea of browns in my closet as they are too dark for my skin color and overwhelm me. They are hard to find for me as well, and I'm trying to work with a lot of what I already have in my closet. 

I found this awesome shirt after a no good awful day at the hospital. (I'm fine, just some tests were run.) It has my colors in it and I felt like it would expand my fall wardrobe a little bit more. It's fun too. Women's flannel instead of the mens ones I was wearing, so it has a little bit of shaping to it. Also, it has snaps instead of buttons-fun!
I am struggling with the thought of neutrals. Should I have more neutrals to make matching easier? I feel like I need someone to come over and help me match up all my outfits or something. I think I just need to work with it more. I have to admit that I have let more and more clothing creep back into my closet during the fall and winter months here. I've been a slacker. :(

I have been trying to live with the same wardrobe choices that I made from the fall into the winter. I did not succeed as much as I would have liked to really. I ended up adding some sweaters to the mix. ( I do live in Minnesota after all!) and my farm clothes just jumped back in my closet. It looks like they are going to have to stay. (I love soft, flannel shirts. What can I say) I'm thinking about doing the "KonMari" Method to it soon for the closet and my whole house. 'Does it spark joy?' If yes, it stays, if not it goes.
I really love flannel shirts and I could have ones in every available color, but I don't think I would wear them all. I've been gravitating to pinks lately. Maybe that's because I didn't like pink when I was younger. I was a tomboy through and through. I followed my Dad around junkyards and shipyards. Why would I want to wear a sparkly pink dress? (Hint: I wouldn't!) I still don't do glitter.
Any hoo! I'm really looking into the Wardrobe Architect on Coletterie.com. So far I'm on week 4. Silhouettes are kinda of fun. I'm realized that I like flared and a line skirts more and cap or boatneck where the hourglass figure of the 40's and 50's really shows. I'm working on loosing a little bit of weight still, but I think I have an okay hourglass figure. All of these things combined might help me realize what I should do realistically with my closet.

I have whittled it down a little bit more here lately though. It always seems like an ongoing project to me. It's never done. I'm also looking at sewing more clothing all the time. I'm sure that doesn't help me at all. (le sigh) I love to sew, so I'm not sure how I am going to deal with this issue yet. Anyone else have this problem with their wardrobe? I know I have to be vigilant about it more this year. Pray that happens for me.   This is what my closet is looking like now. Not as bad as it used to be and I only bought the one shirt. I just keep going through my clothes that were in boxes. The good news is I only have 1 plastic tote of summer clothes left. All boxed fall/winter clothes are either gone or in my closet. I think it's time for a serious look at what I'm hanging on to in there.  
Just looking at this picture, I'm wondering where that yellow thing came from...hmm, are people adding to my closet when I'm not looking??

So far this is one of my favorite outfits for fall.
I'm loving these tights. They are a sweater type tight and they are warm. Plus, I love my cowgirl boots(even if they are pleather, one day I'll get a better leather pair, but for now I have these.) It almost looks like I'm not wearing tights and that my legs are this color. It's pretty close to my skin color. They are warm though, and on these windy Minnesota fall days I need that extra protection.
My husband tried to take this picture with my face in the sun so I had to put my sunglasses on here. That Chambray top I bought last year is getting a lot of use in my closet!

I realized that Navy blue might work better for me and my coloring without washing me out. I am going to stay with the pinks as a whole, but going with a more minty green instead of the teal. (which I didn't have much of anyways.) Or I could use mint for summer and teal for fall.

I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of Minnesota in the fall. 

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