13 February 2015

New additions to my wardrobe.

In conclusion of the week of Project 333 I'd like to show you what I added to my capsule wardrobe.
I did go shopping at the goodwill and I found some awesome things.
Remember that my colors are Navy, Mint and Pinks. I really like pink and I'm using pinks, multiple, because they all seem to go well together and it gives my closet some more options. I use Raspberry, blush, true pink and shade in between. On to the pictures. Some of these pictures look kind of bad, but look great in real life. Like the first one, for example, this is a linen mint skirt it does not seem to photograph well.

I bought 2 linen skirts. Different colors and styles, but I LOVE linen. I found 8 shirts that match my colors. Since most of these clothes were pretty inexpensive, in spite of goodwill changing it's pricing policy, I will give them all a try and see how they work for me. I also found a fun pink belt. I am working on my Spring capsule starting in March and some of these will be featured there. Stay tuned for that coming March 1. I'd love for you to join me on Project 333. Less stress to getting dressed!

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did. I can't wait to see YOUR wardrobe choices. 

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